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Exclusive: Chelle Rose Shares the Video for her Sinister Ballad, “Reckon with the Devil

CHELLEROSEHEADSHOTToday, Chelle Rose is a Nashville based success story, a critical darling who’s gained heaps of praise from NPR, Rolling Stone and the New York Times, but her font of inspiration stems far from the big city, as it runs deep in her – as she named her latest release- Blue Ridge Blood. Released August 5th on Rose’s own Lil’ Damsel Records as a follow up to 2012’s Ghost of Browder Holler, the album finds Rose continuing to open the vein of her genealogy, exploring the people and places of her past between East Tennessee and western North Carolina. Though her grandmother encouraged her musical talents, Rose let her art go until her 20s, when she was given a guitar as an unexpected gift and songs began to flow out of her—honest, sometimes brutal stories from her southern girlhood. Between the release of her Ray Wylie Hubbard-produced 2012 effort and her new release, she experienced frightening lows and extreme highs, from coming down with a debilitating thyroid condition to meeting her fiancée, multi-instrumentalist Johnathon Hamilton, who now plays in her band.

Today, Elmore is premiering the video for a track from her latest release, “Reckon with the Devil,” directed by Nashvillian Stacie Huckaba. Rose says of the track, “Blood is most definitely not thicker than water when it comes to the spirit. Water consoles, grounds and heals me daily while I’ve been blinded in the past by blood kin. Red can be beautiful and charming but so can hell. I walked away… broke the cycle… wrote it down… taught my children to do the same. Sometimes we have to set ourselves free, we just can’t save them.” The track kicks off with a percussive hard-driving stomp, and Chelle soon jumps in her low, seductive growl, capturing the camera’s attention as she leans on key words with her broad Appalachian twang. It’s a simple, no-frills video of Rose and her band on stage performing the song, but a variety of effects- from the slightly distorted perspective of a fisheye lens, to shots of band members shrouded in shadows, to the pulsing blue and red lights that wash over the stage- heighten the sinister atmosphere the scorcher creates. Love and madness mingle with unbridled passion, as she sings, “I know if I could, I’d take away all your pain.”

Connect with Chelle Rose on her website, buy Blue Ridge Blood here and watch “Reckon with the Devil” below.

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