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Exclusive: Miten Announces First English Album in a Decade and Shares the Single, “Inescapable Love”


Many aspiring artists would do just about anything for a taste of fame, and as a young man in London in the 1970s, Miten found himself in the eye of just such a storm of sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. He burst onto the scene as a rock duo and then as a solo artist, opening shows for Fleetwood Mac, Randy Newman, Hall and Oats and Lou Reed, recording with the Kinks—for all intents and purposes, he was living the dream. But waking up one day with yet another hangover, something snapped in the young artist, and without thinking twice he left the scene, his guitars and his family behind and became a student of the Indian mystic, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, taking up residence at an ashram and devoting his life to spiritual exploration. Several years later at the ashram, he met and fell deeply in love with his future partner in music and in life, Deva Premal. In the years since, they’ve built an international reputation for themselves as the “Johnny and June Carter Cash of sacred music,” traveling the world with their spiritually inspired songs and chanting of Indian Sanskrit mantras. Now, Miten is ready to once again return to the music of his youth, and will release Temple At Midnight, his first album in English in over a decade, on September 9th.

Today Elmore is premiering the first single from the album, “Inescapable Love.” “Temple At Midnight is about community and describes my values and insights on a life off the grid,” Miten told Elmore. “The closing track, “Inescapable Love” is about the inner light we all have. Why wait? Now is the time to shine it on the world.” The gentle pulse of the song’s encapsulates Miten’s message, radiating positivity and peace. Harmonies blend into Miten’s understated, breathy croon, as the track pulls you in with, to borrow a word from the song itself, unconventional, unexpected ebbs and flows, including hints of reggae sway and the symphonic, string-focused instrumentation Andrew Bird is famous for.

Connect with Miten on Facebook and listen to “Inescapable Love” below.

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