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Exclusive: The Devyl Nellys Gets Super Funky with “Delicious Business”

Devyl Nellys


What’s the genre of the Devyl Nellys, you ask? Well, if you talk to the band, they might tell you with a wink- as they turn the speakers up to 11- Ass Shaking & Head Bopping, of course. The band, which was formed in 2011 by Nelly Levon (lead vocals/percussion), Max Feinstein (guitar/vocals), Ben Scott (bass/vocals), Jake Beers  (drums/keys/vocals) Sean Patton (drums/keys/vocals) and Kathryn Maffetone and Christie Federico (backing vocals), doesn’t take themselves too seriously. But when it comes to churning out infectious, dance-floor ready tunes that fuse funk and pop, boy, do they mean business. Delicious Business, the band’s upcoming LP, was recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville with John McBride and Ted Audio Studios in Philadelphia with Ted Richardson, and has already garnered some famous fans, John Oates sharing his love for the tunes.

Today, Elmore is premiering “Delicious Business,” the title track from the band’s upcoming release. The band notes that the track, “Codifies where we were at,” but also “preserv[es] business as usual.” They add, “this Yogi Horton inspired album title track brought out familiar and unfamiliar elements within us. The band and audiences both vibe the cheeky, catchy, deep chorus chants together, while swimming together in experimental fusion waters. Some intentional, some unintentional, always a good time from The Devyl Nellys.” It has a spontaneous creative energy, guitar solos swirling in and out between calls and claps from the rest of the band. The outfit creates complex layers of sound, sending them forth in waves, with Levon creating a solid foundation with sassy, smart lyrics (a skill that previously landed her writing gigs at Interscope, Mercury and Relentless Records) and a sexy, throaty growl that drives them home. Before the funky groove kicks in, the band shows off their mischievous knack for throwing out the rulebook, joining together on a half-sung, half-shouted a capella intro; “Truth be told this told time… we do what we do to survive.”  Hey, it’s just Business.

Delicious Business comes out on August 20th. Connect with the band on Facebook and listen to “Delicious Business” below.

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