White Label Analog- 09/15/2016 – El Corazon (Seattle, WA)

whitelabelVocalist Chris Didear, guitarist/vocalist James Millican, drummer/vocalist Heath Macintosh, keyboardist/vocalist Alison Pepper and bassist Aaron Herbster make up the Texas-based alternative/indie band, White Label Analog. Together, they combined everyone’s diverse musical backgrounds and created such a unique and tasteful sound. The band carefully and beautifully crafts melodic pop-rock that’s totally in the moment, with inspiration coming from every era — something all generations can enjoy and appreciate. They create music that feels timeless with lyrics that play on repeat in your head. White Label Analog is a band that utilizes true vocal and instrumental talent, giving them that extra boost to stand out and be the colorful and diverse band they are widely known as.

Out on Sept. 2, In Case You Just Tuned In — the follow to their 2015 A Little More Time EP — is the reflection of the the band members’ ideas, feelings, and the experiences they’ve all shared together. “In Case You Just Tuned In is a veritable snap shot of our lives since releasing (their 2015 EP) A Little More Time,” Macintosh said. To create without outside influence, the band opted to self-produce the album. However, they did turn to a number of mixing engineers — 11-time Grammy nominated mixing engineer Mark Needham (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons), Dwight Baker, Mark Dufour and Chris “Frenchie” Smith — to deliver the fully realized sound they were seeking. Doing this allowed the band to achieve the most fully realized iteration of each of the 11 tracks on the album. The band will be playing a show at the El Corazon venue in Seattle, WA on Sept. 15 (For ticket information, go here) If you can’t make it to this show, check out the other tour dates below:

White Label Analog Tour Dates:

Sept 9 – Fort Worth, TX – Shipping and Receiving

Sept 10 – Norman, OK – Red Brick

Sept 11 – Lawrence, KS – Jackpot

Sept 12 – Denver, CO – TBD

Sept 13 – Salt Lake City, UT – TBD

Sept 14 – Boise, ID – Shredder

Sept 15 – Seattle, WA – El Corazon

Sept 16 – Portland, OR – TBD

Sept 17 – Sacramento, CA – TBD

Sept 18 – San Francisco, CA – Neck of the Woods

Sept 19 – Fresno, CA – TBD

Sept 20 – Los Angeles, CA – Grandpa Johnsons

Sept 21 – San Diego, CA – 710 Beach Club

Sept 22 – Phoenix, AZ – TBD

Sept 23 – Phoenix, AZ – Rogue

Sept 24 – El Paso, TX – Rock House

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