The Voice Finalist Angie Keilhauer Shares new Video for “Made to Live by the Water”

Photo by Marissa Boucher
Photo by Marissa Boucher

With summer officially over, it’s important to savor every last bit of nice weather we can. Enter The Voice season 10 finalist Angie Keilhauer who brings us a late September taste of sand, breeze, and the warm sea via “Made to Live by the Water” off the recently released Wild EP.

Keilhauer wrote “Made to Live by the Water” while on her first “whirlwind cruise-ship contract, singing and playing over the Caribbean ocean.” She says her life changed with that contract because it was the first time she could say she was a full-time musician. “It forced me to focus completely on what I love to do, singing four hours a day, six days a week, five months at a time. That contract is what finally gave me the savings to buy a better car and PA system. I’ve been a full-time touring artist ever since and never looked back.”

This San Diego singer with El Salvador roots also says “Made to Live by the Water is about “working your ass off and realizing that all that work leads you to this moment- this perfect combination of endless sky and water right in front of you. You shake off the sand on your palms and the worries in your brain, grab a beer and think, ‘man this feels like me’. That’s the moment this song embodies to me. Everyone needs to vacation and get  back to that feeling every once and a while, whether it’s by the pool, ocean, or a camping chair by the lake. It’s good for the soul.”

Listen to “Made to Live by the Water” below and savor summer for a little longer.

-Brenda Hillegas

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