Truett Premieres his Searing Rock ‘N Roll Track, “Deliver Me”


The artist known as Truett was kidnapped as a child.

Ok, ok, so he wasn’t technically kidnapped… As it happened, Truett was a child prodigy on guitar, and he was swept up by Ron Pope and his band, the District, who spotted his talent and led him on a whirlwind tour of the south. He just had to promise his mother that he wouldn’t drink, smoke, take drugs or have sex (Almost Famous popping up in anyone else’s heads?). By the time the tour was over, he was hooked, and destined for a life of rock ‘n roll mayhem. The journey also marked the beginning of strong creative friendship between Truett and Pope, who produced and helped the young artist pen his first track, “Be Mine.” The duo’s auspicious collaboration kicked off Truett’s solo tour of the south, during which he laid the foundation for his debut five-song, self-titled EP, out via Brooklyn Basement Records today, September 30th.

Today, Elmore is sharing “Deliver Me,” a track from Truett’s just released EP. He says of the single, “”Deliver Me” was really a breakthrough for me as a writer. It’s about the world we’re living in and how it’s more evil each day. We can avoid and not get wrapped up in a lot of the turmoil and negativity that surrounds us by remembering who we are and staying focused on where we’re headed. I actually wrote the tag “Deliver Me” and first verse with my pops many years ago after he came to me with the idea. I sat on it for a while before it transpired into a full song. I ended up finishing the song with my mentor and producer Ron Pope and his friend Alex Kline in Nashville three years later, and we were really able to do it justice. The moral of this story would be, never give up on any of your ideas, you never know what they will be capable of.”

From the vicious huskiness of Truett’s vocals to the fuzzy, searing guitars set to overdrive, it seems like he may have broken the promise he made to his momma way back when. Badass swagger seeps from the pores of the song, recalling the unrestrained energy of the Black Keys or the snarling snarkiness of Hanni El Khatib. “I got blood on my fingers/I got mud in my veins,” he croons soulfully. Watch out for this youngin’, he may be the next big thing in rock ‘n roll.

Grab a copy of his self-titled EP now, and connect to Truett via his website and Facebook. Crank up “Deliver Me” below.

– Emilee Gorshe

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