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Dallas Wayne

Songs The Jukebox Taught Me

Artist:     Dallas Wayne

Album:     Songs The Jukebox Taught Me

Label:     Heart Of Texas

Release Date:     05/06/2016


Singer, songwriter, Sirius Satellite Radio on-air personality and actor Dallas Wayne brings together nine famous friends to perform 14 country classics on his newest album, Songs The Jukebox Taught Me. Throughout, Wayne sings famous songs about heartbreak, regret and loneliness with old school music hit-makers Amber Digby, Bobby Flores, Randy Lindley, Darrell and Mona McCall, Paula Nelson, Willie Nelson, Jeannie Seely and Kevin Smith.

For one, those familiar with Faron Young’s 1969 hit, “Your Time’s Comin’,” will enjoy Wayne and Willie Nelson’s duet. Elsewhere, Wayne revisits Henson Cargill’s successful 1967 single, “Skip A Rope,” without diluting its controversial message. And in yet anther fresh take on a country classic, Wayne performs Ernest Tubb’s 1968 hit “A Dime at a Time” with unmistakable twang.

Beyond Wayne and his high-profile guests, kudos also to T Jarrod Bonta on piano; Tommy Detamore on steel guitar, dobro, organ and percussion; Tom Lewis on drums; Hank Singer on fiddle; and Redd Volkaert on guitar.

Those who need schoolin’ in the classics of country music will find here some lessons not offered in Nashville. As for fans of the genre, the song selection and performances certainly ring true.

– Donna Marie Miller

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