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Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band


Artist:     Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band

Album:     s/t

Label:     Independent

Release Date:     06/16/2016


Credit Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally for offering up a take on traditional Americana that rings with authenticity and even though the mostly songs come from their own pens. The fact that this duo has opted to release a live EP to debut the majority of this material makes for an interesting introduction for those unaware (only one of these tracks was previously released — “I Hear a Southwind” from the pair’s House & Garden album) and suggests that they’re as adept at conveying these tunes live as they are in the studio.

Why they chose to go this route is anyone’s guess, but it does seem to serve a purpose, that is, to give added emphasis to some terrific tunes that seem tailor made for live performance. The best of the batch — the aforementioned “I Hear a Southwind,” “Hillbilly Boy” and “Mirror” — eschew the rowdier elements of their sound in favor of heartfelt sentiment, emotions that are as affecting as they are engaging. Still, when the band do amp up and switch to swing, the results are equally contagious.

Robinson has a sturdy solo career of her own, but it’s also clear that Robinson and Nunally are a couple worth watching.

– Lee Zimmerman

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