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Tattletale Saints

Tattletale Saints

Artist:     Tattletale Saints

Album:     Tattletale Saints

Label:     Old Oak Music

Release Date:     09/02/2016


“Little Richard Is Alive and Well in Nashville, TN” is the last track on Tattletale Saints’ recent self-titled release. But, as people say, “save the best for last.” It is not a fast blast of rock and roll. Instead, Tattletale Saints is sweet and somber, fully showing off this Nashville duo’s musical capabilities. Truly, just beautiful.

On the subject of beautiful, Cy Winstanley and Vanessa McGowan have created ten songs that tell stories about life in general, touching on love, heartbreak and even murder. But, they are all great. This is a perfect album, from “Sonoma County Wine” filled with some bad-ass riffs, the haunting and nostalgic “I Don’t Sing So Much No More,” and all the way to the stripped down “Seabird” with outstanding vocal highlights. The best part is this duo is from New Zealand, yet they absolutely nail the image of Americana tales.

– Brenda Hillegas

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