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Vicious Petals

Main Street Lights

Artist:     Vicious Petals

Album:     Main Street Lights

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     08/27/2016


Vicious Petals’ newly released album, Main Street Lights, is a mixture of energetic piano melodies, ardent vocals and contrasting musical backgrounds. Ayako Okano (piano, organ, keyboards) was born in Japan and Cooper Smith (vocals, guitar) was born in Alabama, but raised in Memphis, Tennessee. Both converged in Seattle, and decided to join their creative forces to give birth to their independent project, Vicious Petals. Okano’s training as a classical pianist and Smith’s powerful vocals and guitar complement the energetic collaboration that gives life to their self released album Main Street Lights. Despite coming from different musical backgrounds, they both unite their talents and shared interests that in addition to creating music include writing and performing. Main Street Lights is an eclectic album that combines different musical styles and genres such as jazz, soul and ’60s doo-­wop with a mix of rock. The 12 songs included in the album take the listener on a unique musical ride, in which one can appreciate a fresh and original sound delivered by Okano’s skillful piano harmonies and Smith’s intense vocals. In regards to the essence of Main Street Lights Smith states, “we all have triumphs and failures. This album is our heartfelt love letter to that dichotomy of experience in life.” This same idea of polarity informs much of the content in the album, which is why there is something for every musical taste in the songs from the album, from upbeat tunes to jazzy ballads that sonically recall Billy Joel with a bit of Bruce Springsteen. Yet what distinguishes Vicious Petal’s Main Street Lights is its unique versatility, cathartically honest approach and the way it’s technically crafted.

-­Tracy Montes

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