Karen Jonas Gets the Last Word with “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”

photo by Amber Renee
photo by Amber Renee

Karen Jonas has a new album debuting soon, and any fan of classic country should put it on their must-list. Set to release on October 14th, Country Songs, is a labor of hometown love. The songs were written in her living room in Fredericksburg, Virginia, then taken to a studio down the street for the finishing touches. Country Songs and Jonas herself channels timeless, twangy tunes with a modern storytelling twist. 

Jonas, along with guitarist Tim Bray, have created a collection of songs that fans will love to hear performed live (tour starts on October 7th in Harrisonburg, VA). One song in particular, “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”, is the perfect example of a rise above heartbreak and self-pity. Jonas says:

“I had a bad night. I walked into a local bar and noticed that someone I was seeing was also seeing someone else. I considered wallowing in self-pity, but I decided to go home and write this firecracker number instead. In the end, storytellers get the last word and songwriters always win.”

It’s a country song at its finest. Listen to “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” below and pre-order Country Songs via Bandcamp or iTunes.

-Brenda Hillegas

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