Violet Mary Debuts a Danceable, Grunge-Pop Single, “Figure It Out”


If a couple that creates together stays together, then Mel and Mike Muscarella have a lifetime of love ahead of them. In 2007, the newlyweds formed Violet Mary, and almost ten years later, it’s still going strong. But aside from the dynamic duo, it took a little while for the band to settle beyond session players and rotating characters, and it wasn’t until 2014 that the band found its final lineup, with bassist Martin Dorren, guitar player Scott Cranfill and drummer Joe Myers rounding out the five piece.

Over the years, the Rochester based band has shared stages with Big Gigantic, Rita Coolidge, the Gin Blossoms and Dawes, building a strong regional fanbase and receiving critical acclaim. Their fourth studio album, the double CD All That We Seem, was nominated in City Newspaper’s Best of Rochester 2015 for Best Album; Violet Mary received a nod for Best Original Band. The nominations didn’t come as a surprise for fans of the band, who know that they pride themselves on having a strong base in their community. In fact, the group works in partnership with a humanitarian organization from the Rochester area called the Ugandan Water Project, a grassroots organization that works directly with Ugandans to provide life-giving, disease-free and sustainable water to communities through the installation of rainwater collection tanks and filtration systems.

Today, Elmore is sharing Violet Mary’s newest release, their single, “Figure It Out.” In the band’s signature style, they pair melodic theatricality with fuzzy, grunge leaning guitars for a package that feels reminiscent of the ‘90s, yet remains rooted in a wholly original aesthetic. Mel Muscarella shines on lead vocals, with her sharp, slightly raspy bite and impressive range. She keeps pace atop a power-pop, fast paced swirl of guitars and drums for an end result both danceable and head-bangable.

Pick up a download of All That We Seem and check out upcoming tour dates on Violet Mary’s Bandcamp, and connect with the group on Facebook. Give “Figure It Out” a spin below.


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