Eric Saint Nicholas Debuts a Photo Collage to Accompany his Meditative Single, “Sister California”

Eric Saint Nicholas

Southern California born singer/songwriter Eric Saint Nicholas took a leap of faith when he left the sunny climes and beaches of his youth and headed to Tennessee to immerse himself in the artistic mecca of Nashville. But as evidenced by the music on his upcoming debut, American Heartbreak Radio, though he may be geographically far from home, he imbues his work with the easy-going, uplifting spirit of the West Coast, while still cultivating contemplative lyrics that emulate the poetry of his heroes, from Jack White and Ray Lamontagne to The Tallest Man on Earth.

This duality is fully present on his single, “Sister California,” a soothing track for troubled times that offers a message of love and unity across state divides. Saint Nicholas reflects on his track and lyric video, “I wrote Sister California for someone close to me who was having a rough time. She and I tend to understand each other, so when skies aren’t so clear for one of us- the other can usually express some positivity that makes it through. I enjoy writing these kinds of songs because not only is it a thought of encouragement for her, but also for myself. We all go through tough times, no matter who we are or where we come from, and I think it’s important to remember that a little love and kindness can go a long way. Where the video is concerned, I had a lot of fun putting those photos together. I was lucky to be able to collaborate with some inspired graphic designers who lent me their work. Their info is in the credits, check them out!”

With the husky, sleepy intonation of Nick Drake and the beachy, acoustic resonance of Jack Johnson, it’s at once a prayer and a lullaby. The sound of gently lapping waves gives way to gently strummed acoustic guitar as the video offers a thoughtful collage of images, from vast blue skies and ocean waves to more personal pictures of Saint Nicholas himself. With repeated imagery that matches the repetition of the chorus, the track is a meditative and hopeful rumination on finding peace when you feel lost. “Sister California this won’t last forever/Sister California we’re in this together/an oak tree don’t move for a little cold weather.”

American Heartbreak Radio is set for release on January 13th, 2017. Follow Eric on Facebook and his website, and check out the lyric video for “Sister California” below.

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