Jimmy Lumpkin Delivers a Soulful and Hopeful new track, “My Name Is Love”


If you’re only plugged into Nashville, New York City and Los Angeles, you’re sure to miss the stellar sounds coming from the rest of the country. Take singer/songwriter Jimmy Lumpkin and his band the Revival– bassist Quintin Berry, guitarist Morris Barosa and drummer Chris Ozuna– a quartet from Southern Alabama who are delivering a fresh brand of rock and soul that rivals the best of the genre, with an authenticity that only a little bit of backwoods upbringing can offer.

The band is getting set to release Home, the follow up to their recent EP, Giants Up Ahead, this February, and today, Elmore is premiering “My Name Is Love,” a track from the band’s upcoming release.

Lumpkin says of the single, “Love has a voice. When I wrote “My Name is Love,” it was a stream of consciousness, like most songs I write. So by the time I got to the chorus, I didn’t know what was going to be sung. “My Name is Love” came out of me, and it was exactly what I wanted to express. And so the listener is unsure of who is speaking until that point, as was I in the writing of it. I think that’s one of the things that brings it to life for me. And keeps it feeling new. It’s the feeling of discovery. [It] is a song for today, a call to join together as one. Love is the singer, the listener, the air, the earth, everything that brings life together and urges us to keep going.” Indeed, in times that feel especially divisive and tough to bear, Lumpkin’s track spreads a message of hope. It’s a jubilant tune set to a rockin’ beat, rooted in Lumpkin’s effortlessly soulful and rich croon. The whirl of organ and blast of brass send the track into a boisterous frenzy, which comes to a head when Lumpkin testifies with the relentless passion of a tent revivalist.

Look out for Home on Skate Mountain Records in February, and follow the band on Facebook and their website.

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