Listen To Nashville Singer-Songwriter Geoff Hamm’s Southern Psychedelia On “December”

Geoff HammPairing up with Grammy-award winning producer Randy Kohrs, Tulsa-born and Nashville-based Southern rock singer-songwriter Geoff Hamm is releasing his debut acoustic EP, Dakota Avenue, this coming February. One track off the record, “December”, offers a sonic embodiment of Hamm’s style: modest but obvious passion and classic country with modern twists.

“December” is not your traditional holiday song. Hamm says, “[It’s] not a Christmas song, but a song about Christmas,” more a storytelling experience emulating the warmth of the holidays. The track opens with some killer blues slide and rock gospel rhythms, until Hamm’s expert talk-singing steals the show with a subtle croon and Southern vibrato. Throughout the track, hints of R&B psychedelia and rockin’ country coalesce into a smooth medley of Southern twang with Hamm’s humbly addicting voice setting the scene for happy holidays with lines like “Here at home/The place where we were grown/We set out on our own/Just to come back here”. “December” is an uplifting holiday anthem led by Geoff Hamm’s talents as a genre-bending singer-songwriter.

Listen to “December” below and connect with Geoff Hamm on his website:

-Savannah Davanzo

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