Exclusive: Buxton Crossbody with Phone Charger

A little purse or a big wallet, the Buxton Crossbody packs a hidden weapon—a phone charger that can mean the difference between being fully connected and the dreaded Radio Silence.

If I were headed for a festival, I’d wear the Crossbody and carry nothing else. Phone, charger, money, credit cards and ID l1060548-2inside–besides a wristband, what else do you need? A water bottle? Sling the lightweight Crossbody over your shoulder and you’re ready for whatever a major festival throws at you, all day and all night.







The nearly weightless charger, a bit larger than a credit card and about three credit cards thick, works quickly, without breaking your stride in any way. With your phone in the handy holder, when power wanes, you can hook up the charger from its own little pocket, without rearranging anything. If you get a call, answer without disconnecting the charger—it’s better for your battery not to interrupt the charging process until it’s full.

Since I’m headed for an international vacation rather than a festival, however, Buxton Crossbody’s going to be my wallet. It’s got room for foreign bills that are larger than the American dollar, my phone, credit cards and half a dozen forms of ID, including airport lounge IDs, driver’s license, global entry for shortened security lines, a couple of passports (no, I’m not CIA), and lipstick, among other essentials. Over my jacket in the US and Europe, under my jacket in dicey neighborhoods, it’s as accessible and as safe as I am.

Last month I stayed at a lovely hotel in Paris with a personal safe in the room. The shoebox-sized safe, weighing in at an unimpressive two pounds, wasn’t even attached to anything. I might as well have brought my own little box and set it on a shelf clearly labeled “All valuables kept here.” Thank you, Crossbody, for affording an alternative that keeps my valuables both safe and accessible to me.


In the next months, with festival season beginning, I’ll be sporting three things around my neck: my press pass, my camera and my Crossbody containing everything I need, including a charger for the phone that’s never more than an arm’s length away, day or night. I like to travel light but prepared, and the Crossbody helps both endeavors, big-time.

Buxton’s Crossbody comes in a huge variety of styles, finishes and colors. The fully detachable wrist strap and long, fully detachable cross-body strap give us three portability options. My own Crossbody is conservative, but a variety of prints as well as bright and flamboyant colors are available. With slightly differing configurations and prices ranging from just under $20 to about $40, they make a pretty and practical gift for anyone—even for yourself.l1060564-2
—Sunny Nelson




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