The Show Ponies Share a Bouyant, Bluegrass Tinged Track, “Kalamazoo”

The Show Ponies by Daley Hake


LA based Americana group the Show Ponies are three bandmembers, one EP, two LPs and 14 million Spotify plays from where they started in 2011, which sure ain’t too shabby… but these Ponies are just getting started. On January 20th, they’ll release their new full-length, How It All Goes Down, produced by Andy Freeman (Eisley/Manchester Orchestra, Rocketboys), and featuring the group’s lineup of Clayton Chaney on lead vocals and bass), Andi Carder on lead vocals and banjo, Jason Harris on vocals and guitar, Philip Glenn on fiddle and Kevin Brown on drums. Each of the five members brings a rich musical pedigree to the table– from conservatory training to singing in the church choir– which allows them to create layered and lovely music that’s at once both radio friendly and worthy of serious listening.

Today, Elmore is premiering “Kalamazoo,” a track from the Show Ponies’ upcoming release. The epic song ebbs and flows with pulsing energy. It starts off lithe and buoyant, rooted in Carder’s sweet vocals. “I ain’t going back to Kalamazoo, ‘cause I can’t go back to you” she insists alongside the cry of the fiddle. The track unfolds with gorgeous layers of banjo and the call and response of her male counterpart.

Carder comments on the complexity of the track, telling Elmore, ““Kalamazoo” begins mimicking the many thoughts and feelings that riddle me with anxiety, and expresses a defeated desire to abandon the people and circumstances that have hurt me or given me grief. That is until the big break at the end. It’s there that a slow realization and appreciation for an emotional capacity to experience pain, anguish, and loss meet, and it ends with a desperate wish to hold on to this characteristic that makes me human. Even though it’s hard, it’s better than the alternative, which is to be numb to the world and people around you despite all the good that still exists. You can’t truly appreciate the good until you’ve felt deep pain anyway.”

Connect with the band via their website and Facebook, where you can check out the group’s upcoming tour dates, like their January 24th album release show at The Troubadour in West Hollywood. Preorder How It All Goes Does via iTunes or Amazon, and get an instant download of “Kalamazoo.”

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