All Our Exes Live In Texas Deliver Tight Harmonies in the Video for “Cadillac”

All Our Exes Live In Texas by Cybele Malinowski
All Our Exes Live In Texas by Cybele Malinowski


All Our Exes Live In Texas, a quartet from… Sydney, Australia (that’s what you were gonna guess, right?) come with a warning: “the most badass female folk band around.” So, can they live up to the hype that precedes them? Quite possibly. Their resume is pretty darn impressive; Elana Stone, Katie Wighton, Hannah Crofts and Georgia Mooney are all singer/songwriters, and collectively they play mandolin, ukulele, accordion and guitar, and boast touring spots with the Backstreet Boys, Passenger and Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats, just to name a few.

On the heels of their self-titled EP, these harmonious honeys made the rounds on the Australian festival circuit, and are getting ready to make waves in the states with the release of their full length debut, When We Fall, due out this Friday, March 3rd.

Today, Elmore is premiering the video for “Cadillac,” a track from the group’s upcoming release. Songwriter Crofts tells us about the track, “You know when you hear a really sad song but it is sung so happily? That was my aim when writing “Cadillac.” All my songs are so doom and gloom/woe-is-me – I wanted to try and write something that was a little more positive, but I’m not really sure if I actually succeeded!” She adds, “It’s really just a song about a dream I have of one very wholesome path my future could take – living in a country house with a big porch, having a puppy, a big family, a car, swimming holes – all the things that feel so unattainable in my current life but dreaming of the many possibilities in a very romantic way.” Indeed, the song skirts the line between the sunny and the Southern Gothic, the women’s harmonies a capella tight and warm, bolstered only by claps. The short video is both stylish and unsettling and the group poses in full ’70s regalia, housewives cum mannequins, waiting for… well, something, pining for the trappings of domestic bliss as fund through the material. Perhaps there’s a wink in their voices as they sing their wishes, strong, clear voices blending to evoke a collective strength.

But Crofts reminds us that she, Stone, Wighton and Mooney don’t take themselves too seriously, and count their relationship with each other as the most important of all… most of the time. “I only recently got my driver’s license (after having my learners for 10 years) so it’s also partially about how the girls in the band have given me lifts every day of my life and how perhaps it’s time to return the favor. It’s also a good way for us to sing “Someone take me home” at the end of gig… Which I didn’t really think about until my Aunty saw us play and said, “That’s a bit forward don’t you think?!””

Pre-order When We Fall here and keep up with the ladies via their website, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Watch the video for “Cadillac,” and check out the group’s SXSW dates below.


SXSW Dates:
3/14: SXSW Second Play Stage @ Hilton Hotel Austin Taco Project, 7pm
3/16: Aussie BBQ @ Brush Square Park (East Tent), 2:35pm
3/16: Official Showcase @ Cooper’s BBQ, 9:30pm
3/17: From the Hills with Love @ Plum Creek Sound, 3:30pm
3/18: Sounds Australia Sound Gallery @ BD Riley’s, 2:00pm
3/18: The Brooklyn Country Cantina @ Licha’s Cantina, 6.15pm 

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