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Premiere: Hymn For Her takes viewers on a whimsical trip for their “Milkweed” video

Plenty of people dream of hitting the road and never looking back. One-time Philadelphians Wayne Waxing and Lucy Tight, who make up the “punksy folksy airstreamy country bluesy grassy waynesy lucy take you on a hayride to hellsy” partner act, Hymn For Her, turned the dream into a reality. With a Bambi 1961 Airstream and their baby girl in tow, they, quite literally, took their show on the road, and now they call the road their home.

And they certainly don’t play by the rules when it comes to crafting their sound, either. With their combined skills on acoustic guitar, harmonica, kick-drum, hi-hat, and “bang-o” — banjo as drum — (Wayne) and banjo, guitar and the broomstick-necked electric cigar-box (Lucy), this pair can make a lot of noise. For their last release, Drive Til U Die, out last August, they blended folk, rock and psychedelia for a powerful stew. For the release, they divided their time between producers Vance Powell at Sputnik Sound Studio in Nashville and Mitch Easter at Fidelitorium in Kernersville, N.C., even setting a few tracks down in their airstream.

Today, Elmore  premiers the video for “Milkweed,” a track from Drive Til U Die. It’s a funky, lighthearted, meandering song, and the video is a perfect match. The video is a joyous, DIY travelogue, featuring footage of the couple, their daughter and their friends laughing, dancing, singing, playing and exploring. As the video cuts between the art, animals, landscapes and people they came across in their travels, the song creates a kaleidoscope of sounds, with swirls of guitar, the float of chimes and the couple’s close harmonies. Tight says of the track, ““Milkweed” is a song about braving the rabbit hole and all of the Alices who have inspired us on this journey. Leave the expected for the unknown. Never get too comfortable.”

Follow Hymn For Her on Facebook and their website, where you can check out the group’s upcoming tour dates, including a stop at England’s Glastonbury Festival alongside Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Kris Kristofferson and more.

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