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Cindy Lee Berryhill

The Adventurist

Artist:     Cindy Lee Berryhill

Album:     The Adventurist

Label:     Omnivore Records

Release Date:     03/10/2017


One would think that after 30 years, Cindy Lee Berryhill might get a little more respect. Then again, with only seven albums released in all that time, the lack of general awareness might be better explained. Or we could bear in mind there is something to be said for the old expression “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and considering the fact that it’s been nine years since her last album—­­­released nine years after its predecessor—any new arrival could be seen as something on an event, as far as Berryhill’s balance sheet is concerned.

For those who have an appreciation for adept singer/songwriters, Berryhill makes a strong case when it comes to suggesting that she fits with the best of that breed, and while there’s nothing here that breaks out from a standard style, certain songs—the plucky title track, the appropriate lope of “Horsepower,” the curiously quirky “I Like Cats/You Like Dogs”—provide the album with certain standouts. Unlike some, Berryhill isn’t merely a detached observer; her material comes complete with a personal connection, and it’s her unabashed enthusiasm that she plies with her purpose.

Ultimately, fans can only hope that The Adventurist marks a reboot in Berryhill’s career, one that finds her sharing her wares with far greater frequency. If that’s the case, then The Adventurist may indeed find a fit with its title.

­—Lee Zimmerman


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