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Premiere: Jennifer Knapp looks forward to a New Day

Love songs for people who know love

Jennifer Knapp could write about the chaos and turmoil in her life on every album. Instead, she made Love Comes Back Around, a collection of songs that focus on what really matters. Ten compelling new tunes explore love —not the easy, angsty, teenage kind, but love songs for those who have come a few miles and know first-hand it’s not just sex; it’s work, it’s loss, and it’s forgiveness.

The album pairs her fearless songwriting and strong, expressive voice with rootsy arrangements, growling guitar, snakey beat, subtle horns and the mournful interplay of piano and acoustic guitar.

Knapp’s music career withstood a long break and a move to Australia before she moved back to Nashville, where she was based earlier in her career. After releasing three contemporary Christian albums in the late ’90s and early 2000s, she resuming her career in 2009. The following year, she came out as gay, released her first mainstream album, Letting Go, then in 2014, the Set Me Free album in conjunction with a memoir, Facing the Music: My Story, out on Howard Books/Simon & Schuster.

Knapp told Elmore: “Although some are inclined to keep reminding you of what foolishness you did yesterday, each new day brings with it an opportunity to leave the past behind and start afresh, wash your hands of it and move on. And sometimes it takes a bit of that same rebellious spirit that got you in trouble in the first place to keep your hope alive, in moving ahead.”

Love Comes Back Around is out June 23.

For more on Jennifer Knapp,  visit her website, or connect with her on Facebook, or see her live, on tour here.


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