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Premiere: Welsh folk group Calan breaks (our) rules

Wales Wails!


We know, we know, Elmore’s  supposed  to cover  American music with a history: blues, jazz, country, folk, etc., no World music, no rap, but this is so close, and so interesting, we couldn’t resist. Like the Irish jigs that informed our bluegrass , Welch music is also part of American music, and Calan’s on a mission to prove that traditional Welch music, based on folklore and taught and performed through the generations, actually does rock.  They’ve got us convinced.

Along with the traditional accordion, fiddle, pipes, (stringed) harp, and the percussive sound of clogs, Calan adds guitar, bass, and drums. Sound familiar, newgrassers?

Calan’s journey so far has included stops in a detainment cell at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (alongside a death metal band from Estonia) and onstage stage with Sting at the Royal Albert Hall for the 50th birthday celebration of opera singer, Sir Bryn Terfel Jones.

The band told Elmore: “We think of ourselves as an evolution of folk music. Though we play traditional instruments, we present our songs and tunes with a high energy level not normally thought of as folk. We see that same thing happening in the States, a lot of bands on the Americana scene are bringing the same kind of energy to their shows. The American folk scene is so broad and varied, with so many roots to draw from, we hope what we do inspires more evolutions of folk traditions.”

Solomon, the latest album by Calan, arrives via Sain Records on May 12th, 2017, and they’ll be touring the US this summer.

Check them out on,  facebook,   and vevo .

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