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Premiere: Wendy Colonna

"I'm Satisfied"

Originally  from the Gulf Coast of Louisiana,Wendy Colonna’s called Austin, TX home since 2000. Her  songwriting combines both rich heritages, while her vocals draw in audiences in like bees to a flower—a sturdy, slightly prickly flower, not a shrinking violet, ‘cause she can move from a sweet whisper to a full on bayou-soul-shout without skipping a beat.

Colonna’s eighth album, No Moment But Now, includes swampy southern tales of loss, mortality, joy, reclaimed innocence, celebration and independence.  In addition to her acclaimed albums full of these gems, she has been writing award-winning songs for folks like The Southwest Louisiana Tourist Bureau and Coca-Cola.

Colonna told Elmore,  “ “I’m Satisfied” was a blast to produce. With guests John Pointer beat-boxing and Guy Forsyth on harmonica, we deepened the groove and swagger behind this song, which is about finding a sense of satisfaction with life after a long time of wandering.”

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