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Chastity Brown

Silhouette of Sirens

Artist:     Chastity Brown

Album:     Silhouette of Sirens

Label:     Red House Records

Release Date:     5.19.2017


The latest ten-track release from blues-soul singer Chastity Brown is an excellent, infectious offering that absolutely rolls and rocks along from start to finish like a high-powered Nascar special on steroids. This is indeed balls-to-the-wall stuff, classy, determined and driven.

Brown either wrote or co-wrote all of the tracks which are strong on vocal power and energy, pushed along vividly by some truly top-dollar musicianship at every level. This is an album that clearly shows just how strongly motivated, moving and confident Brown has now become, with never a dull minute or dodgy track in the mix. Themes cover the usual bases with love, need, heartbreak and hope all bubbling through with a passionate display of purpose.

Brown describes the album as being both “political” and “psychological” in nature, due to her own status and background in today’s USA. The album comes across as a series of memorable life snapshots, some grounded in fact and personal experience others imagined but no less demanding and captivating.

Brown considers the writing here to being expressive of the struggles of many marginalised by events but always tinged and touched by a triumphant spirit that pulls them through with both dignity and peace of mind. Whatever the thought, Silhouette of Sirens is an album that pushes and blurs the edges with hints of soul, blues, rock and country tempered by an upbeat, optimistic core that simply shines brightly with every twist and turn.

—Iain Patience

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