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Jaunt Fanny Pack

Everything in its place, and good lookin' too

My favorite new accessory came from Dover, DE, and looks good enough to wear even if it weren’t so practical.  Light as a feather, Jaunt hasn’t cut corners, and this well-constructed fanny pack will become a staple in almost any festival-goer’s or  vacationer’s (or shopper’s)  wardrobe.


First, it has just enough separate compartments so that important little items—credit cards, cash and shades, for example—don’t play hide-and-seek when you’re in a hurry. The intelligent design features wide elastic for credit card/driver’s license slots, so they stay snug, but you don’t fight to get them in or out. Similarly, a clever elastic loop catches one earpiece of sunglasses or readers so they stay available yet don’t fall out into the mud or dust (it’s always one or the other) to be trampled by the antsy guy in front of you. The loop can also hold a pen.

The back  zipper compartment is designed for a cell phone, and although it’s big enough for a six-inch-plus phone,  I unpack my phone more than any other item I carry, so I found it easier to slip it in and out of the front compartment; the back pocket became home to my pens and notepad. Each to his own, but it’s nice that the compartments are largely interchangeable—I have a crossbody with a rigid cellphone niche and an inflexible lipstick holder, so if your phone doesn’t fit well or you don’t use a fat tube of  lip balm, they’re wasted slots.

A secure zipper compartment inside the main body offers peace of mind for anything you absolutely can’t lose:  a passport, your spare contact lenses, directions to Jared Leto’s house, etc. There’s also a long, thin “secret” compartment with a Velcro  closure that’s just large enough for earbuds or other personal items like a vape pen,  condom, or that ’scrip you filled in Colorado.

Constructed of water-resistant cloth, the Jaunt is lightly padded and holds its shape without bulk. The belt is a long length of high-quality nylon webbing, with a relatively small section of good elastic to provide comfort, like Dad jeans. A variety of proprietary colors cater to  bold, conservative or earthy/camouflage tastes, in three price points, $30, $35 and $40.

Honestly, this is the most practical, stylish pack I’ve seen, certainly at this price. Hard to go wrong.

Check out their full line HERE.

—Suzanne Cadgène


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