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Boogie Patrol

Man on Fire

Artist:     Boogie Patrol

Album:     Man on Fire

Label:     Self-Released

Release Date:     04.28.2017


A five-piece band hailing from Edmonton Canada, Boogie Patrol are setting the airwaves on fire with their newest release, Man on Fire. The music is an energetic mix of funk, blues and a whole-lotta soul. The ten originals on the album have the perfect attitude and latitude, conveyed by front man, Rott’n Dan Shinnan. The band is a tight unit of seasoned musicians that deliver a gritty set full of first-rate songwriting.

“Players Blues,” sets the right mood with a driving bassline, punchy horn lines, funky guitar figures, soulful organ and Shinnan’s throaty vocals. The song structure is diverse and the lyrics are good vehicles for storytelling, and Rott’n Dan certainly puts every ounce of his soul in his singing.  The guitar duet of Yuji Ihara and Chad Holtzman produce  layers and colors, adding to the richness of sound, each part sets well with the song structure and over Nigel Gale’s solid relaxed bass pulse and Emmet VanEtten’s funky kit work. Ihara plays a tasty solo, heartfelt bends and slick lines are covered in soul-fried distortion. The vocal harmonies combined with the horn harmonies are a nice orchestration touch.

“Shaker Down Below” continues with tight horn hits, dual guitar parts, and solid blues rhythms and Rott’n Dan’s fine harmonica performance and his strong vocals put the icing on the cake. One will find these type of solid performances throughout Man on Fire, and that is the fuel that ignites the fire of this release. This band has found the perfect high wire act that connects blues and rock n’ roll, all while balancing with soul. The song writing has assorted sections that keep the music fun and moving forward. A solid smoker throughout, keeping the flames ignited.

—Sylvannia Garutch

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