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Laura Vecchione

Love Lead

Artist:     Laura Vecchione

Album:     Love Lead

Label:     Selkie Records

Release Date:     05/13/2017


In 2006, NYC-based singer-songwriter Laura Vecchione released her debut album, Deeper Waters, to critical acclaim. Two years later, she released Girl In The Band, which was also well-received by Americana Music Association’s radio chart. Now, her third record, Love Lead, is following a similar path. Though the release may have been nearly a decade in the making, Love Lead maintains the talent Vecchione displayed with her previous releases, but introduces a matured, more thoughtful sound that was carefully honed these last nine years.

Love Lead opens strong with a string of impressive tracks. First, “Light Of Day” serves as a subtle preface to what can be expected from Vecchione’s powerhouse vocals and smooth jazz influences. “Keep Knockin'” comes next, a choir sing-along building slowly with percussive thumps while soulful vocals take over. The record’s title track “Love Lead” is a gorgeous gospel, slow and sultry, with emphasis on Vecchione’s versatile vocals — as impressive low and straight as they are soaring and powerful.

Later, Vecchione offers an outlaw boogie cover version of “Rockin’ A Baby,” followed by a stirring and sensual original love song, “Judas Kiss.” Towards the end of the record, “Lone Wolf” resounds with emotion as Vecchione theatrically sings “I know someone else is in your bed / But I wanna know who’s in your head”. Her voice is at its most experimental – and thus exceptional – here, courtesy of her classical and Broadway voice training as a teenager. Finally, Love Lead ends with the sparkling piano arrangement, “Midlife.” The track is a dreamy, graceful ballad led by Vecchione’s tender take on growing older. Love Lead is a here-I-am type of comeback, an obvious reminder of Laura Vecchione’s talent which does not wane, but blossoms.

–Savannah Davanzo

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