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Premiere: Foster McGinty’s “Juanita”

Lying for a cause

Photo by Emily Beaver

Foster McGinty’s New Shackle Island radiates the confidence that comes from holding hands with your partner and plunging headlong into the pursuit of shared goals. With New Shackle Island, that plunge has resulted in spacious, arresting choruses, classic guy/gal harmonies and accomplished compositions crafted with an eloquent economy of language—music which pairs precise, high-style songwriting with music-row twang and honky-tonk electricity.

Throughout his teenage years in his hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Foster McGinty was exposed to music early and often, listening to his father and uncle rehearse their Classic Rock/Motown cover band in the family’s basement. Soon enough Foster moved from the “bootheel” of Missouri to New York City to chase his rock’n’roll dreams, recording and gigging in support of a psychedelic rock record called Peach Red.  Meanwhile, before a planned relocation to Los Angeles, Chelsea Thompson made one last visit to her favorite shop in New York’s Soho neighborhood. “It was about 10 minutes before closing time when I walked in,” she explained, “and there was this guy standing there with a halo of curls.” Chelsea saw a future bandmate and Foster says he saw his life partner. They were both right.

After their marriage the couple relocated to historic Woodstock, NY, then to Music City. “We live off of a main road called ‘New Shackle Island’, so we thought that would be a fitting title for our first Tennessee record” said Foster.

Foster told Elmore, “’Juanita’ represents that feeling one might get when they see someone they left behind get everything they ever wanted…and having to seem happy for them.”


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