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Mike Younger

Little Folks Like You and Me

Artist:     Mike Younger

Album:     Little Folks Like You and Me

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     07/21/2017


Produced by acclaimed guitarist/producer Bob Britt, Mike Younger’s fourth studio album takes us on a musical exploration dealing with unity and the spirit of defiance. The album doesn’t speak only to certain people, it speaks to everyone, no matter what their backgrounds or challenges in life.

That said, Little Folks like You and Me manages to communicate high aspirations with catchy with insanely infectious beats. The simple lyrics easily slip off the tongue as you belt out every word to every track.

The opening and title track, “If I Was A Wheel” emits Bryan-Adams vibes, but with Younger’s own take on it, and it certainly makes you want to listen to the rest of the album to see what else Younger has in store. Still,“What Kind Of World” ranks as my favorite song on the album by far. Its special lyrics makes you think about what kind of world we have created—a masterpiece of a single track, full of human emotion shining bright. Another favorite track, the heart-wrenching “How To Tell A Friend Goodbye,” though simple, conveys something incredibly uplifting.

Little Folks Like You and Me takes listeners on a musical journey that everyone might enjoy, over and over.

—Emilee Gorshe

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