April Verch at Brevard Summer Music Festival

Triple threat sings, fiddles, dances and charms

The bold charisma of April Verch and her band enlightened the crowd at Brevard’s Summer Music Festival! This trio engaged the audience with a flair like no other in the folk music family. Verch, known as a “triple threat,” energizes the stage with her fiddle playing and step dancing—all the while singing an array of new and classic Canadian/American tunes. The dancing was mesmerizing and I couldn’t believe she can sing and play while doing it! (Well, mostly it was two of those at a time.)

Verch is both fascinating and heartwarming. Not only does she capture with her exquisite threefold talents, she wove the stories of both her old and her new pieces throughout the show with tales of growing up hearing her dad playing country classics, and going to weekend square dances. I cannot overstate how she electrifies and charms her audience.

The night ended with a medley of old-time Canadian tunes (much like her dad played) in an unforgettable finish. Truly this trio is electrifying—a delight.
—Nancy Hutchins

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