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Scott Ellison

Good Morning Midnight

Artist:     Scott Ellison

Album:     Good Morning Midnight

Label:     Red Parlor Records

Release Date:     07.28.2017


Good Morning Midnight, Scott Ellison’s latest release on Red Parlor Records, was produced by co-songwriter Walt Richmond, who is known for his studio work with Eric Clapton, JJ Cale and Bonnie Raitt. The album is full of prodigious guitar playing by Ellison and involves more than 20 musicians. His songwriting is strong as ever and Good Morning Midnight is a wonderfully varied album in which the feeling switch from blues to reggae with the greatest of ease, and then from swing to funk, with satisfying result.

“Sanctified” is the opening track, with Chris Campbell on lead vocal and Marcy Levy on backing vocal; the band is Chuck Blackwell on the drums, Gary Gilmore on bass, and all the scorching guitar work is by Ellison. This New Orleans-flavored shuffle finds Ellison’s guitar work in top form. Campbell’s voice is gravelly and full of Ellison’s guitar fills, adding just the right amount of blues touch. Ellison’s guitar solo drips with soul and feeling, emotional bends and bluesy flurries of notes.

“You Made a Mess (Outta Me),” with Jon Glazer on keys, Robbie Armstrong on drums, Jon Paris on bass and lead vocals and guitar by Ellison, this track will scratch any blues itch. Ellison’s guitar playing is soulful with a blues attitude behind every note.

“Gone for Good” showcases Ellison on lead vocals and guitar, a strong ballad. The horn backing adds a nice touch and Ellison’s vocals are noteworthy. This tune contains all the classic blues staples and Ellison and the band pull it all off in top form.

Good Morning Midnight is a blues album that finds its success in its variety. His consistent soulful guitar playing and well-honed tunes, make this album a winner.

—Sylvannia Garutch


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