Sarah Clanton

When connection to others is the Silver Lining

Fans of Sarah Clanton’s speakeasy-esque Americana intellipop have come to expect the unexpected. With strums, bows, picks, and taps, the Nashville-based cellist/singer/songwriter Sarah Clanton delivers poignant tales of heartbreak and hope like an arrow shot to the soul. The Furman University graduate’s moving, hair-tossing, electric performances earned praise from audiences,  an official showcase artist at the South Eastern Regional Folk Alliance and a deal with Torque Entertainment. Clanton’s “Tequila”  made the Nashville Songwriters Association International Top 40 in January 2016, and she is working on her debut EP, due in Spring 2018, crafting a new incarnation of her honey-and-thunder sound.

Co-written with fellow Nashville-based award-winning Americana artist Mary Bragg, “Silver Lining”  was inspired by a church fire across the street from her house. Clanton told Elmore: “The night the church burned we let those folks from the church come into our yard, park their cars, and mourn what they were losing. It got me thinking that maybe, just maybe, good could come from something like a fire, or the unthinkable. A fire in a forest makes way for new life; sometimes we have to let the light in to see out.”


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