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Ries Brothers

The View From Outside

Artist:     Ries Brothers

Album:     The View From Outside

Label:     Self-Released

Release Date:     11.10.2017


Florida’s the Ries Brothers show more proficiency across genre lines within the album’s first few songs than some musicians are able to capture in a lifetime, releasing a set of 13 tracks called The View From Outside.  Their first full-length offering, made up of brothers Charlie (age 22) on lead vocals, drums and keyboard (sometimes played all at once) and Kevin Jordan (age 18), on guitar, backing vocals and co-songwriter. Don’t be fooled by the Ries Brothers’ ages, they have songwriting chops well beyond their years and the lyrics and subjects are profoundly personal and weighty. The band’s mix of rock, blues, funk, and reggae is a joy to listen to and they create a very coherent sound.

“It’s Never Me” opens the disc with a bluesy guitar riff, Charlie’s vocals have just the right amount of grit. Their cross-over style has a strong blues influence. The song has multiple feel changes, and each has their own unique groove. Kevin’s guitar work is a real joy to listen to and he certainly has a lot of fire and heart behind his lead lines.

After the first five tracks you will notice that The Ries Brothers have a strong proficiency across many genres and that is what makes The View From Outside a pleasurable listen. “Neon Signs” starts with a funky guitar part that incorporates a funk wah-wah effect that leads into hip band hits. Charlie’s vocals sound great on this track. The vocal harmonies, horns and percussion add a depth to the texture. There is just a hint of reggae in the mix to really make the music groove. Kevin’s guitar is on fire again on this track. The songwriting travels between many sections and feels, but always has an organic flow and logic.

The Ries Brothers have a gem of a cross genre album that is pleasing and enjoyable on the ears. With their passion and musical talents, I hope to see this group in and upwardly mobile trajectory.

—Sylvannia Garutch

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