Premiere: Kara Ali looks “In My Mind”

Passion, obsession and music

NY-based singer/songwriter Kara Ali takes ’70s soft rock and soul sensibilities and infuses them with today’s indie R&B, soulfully blending past and present. With impressive vocals and jazz-infused style, her lyrics touch on a personal search for self-identity that is relatable to today’s audience.

The artist’s latest single, “In My Mind,” is tinged with lush harmonies and sensibility. Produced by Rob Farren and featuring Jordan Scannella (aka JORSCAN, of the People’s Champs) on bass, the track uses a combination of both live and programmed sounds. The result is true to Ali’s style: a unique and vibe-y feel that is both classic & modern.

Kara Ali told Elmore “This song is about obsessive passion, and the gnawing feeling that this can have on somebody. Sometimes, when you obsess about something so much you start to blend reality with the projected reality in your mind. On a musical level, I loved being able to play with harmonies on this track and blend some of my more organic tones with more programmed sounds.”

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