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Fischer’s Flicker

Open 28 Hours

Artist:     Fischer’s Flicker

Album:     Open 28 Hours

Label:     Lavender Katydid Records

Release Date:     10.28.2017


A Chicago-based band led by songwriter musicians and vocalist Scott Fischer, Fischer’s Flicker is known for their deep lyrics and intricate music; full albums filled with ironic and amusing lyrics, rock operas, finely tuned orchestrated musical parts that come together with Fischer’s vocals to create a unique musical experience. With Fischer on keyboards and vocals, Tim Gavin on drums and Andy Sviatko on bass, Rick Lyons and Michael Duttge on guitars, Fischer’s Flicker’s seventh album, Open 28 Hours, revisits the wit and style of Fischer’s previous musical bodies of work while still maintaining and growing Fischer’s creative songwriting style and singing.

The album opens with a catchy number called, “The In-Betweener.” With a strong ’70s rock vibe that is touched with ’80s extravagance, vocal harmonies, horn lines and clean wah-wah guitar parts surround Fischer’s melodic vocal line. The song form flows through many sections and the band sounds great. Fischer is wonderful at maintaining consistent sounds and colors throughout the piece. For example, the vocal harmonies and horn parts continue behind the warmly distorted guitar solo that still uses the wah-wah effect for continuity of sound and color. It is small details that makes Fischer’s Flicker a blast to experience.

“Mother of a Ship” is an almost ten-minute epic rock mini-suite that is an is amazing adventure in sound. There is some first-rate instrumental work mixed in with tight vocal harmonies and Fischer’s strong vocals. The tune is like a rock theater show, with shifting time signatures, multiple musical sections, and an evolving storyline.

From start to finish Open 28 Hours will impress. Bursting with great vocals and intricate instrumental playing, this ten-track album has a lot to offer the ears. Fischer’s songwriting is out-of-sight, Fischer’s Flicker is Open 28 Hours, so come on in and enjoy, you’ll be glad you did!

—Sylvannia Garutch

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