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Bob Mould Releases New Album

Loud, angry, and mosh-worthy: just what we like out of Bob Mould’s sound. And then there was techy, electronic, and….wait. No, we didn’t like that. But not to worry, because those days are behind us (right, Bob? Right?). Bob Mould is coming out with a brand new album from Merge today. This will be the Husker Du and Sugar frontman’s ninth album. After his not-so-great stint into the realm of dance and electronica, Mould has gone back to his indie-punk beginnings with Silver Age. If you haven’t already checked out “The Descent,” Mould’s first hit off of the new album, then you can see it live. Well, live on your T.V. Mould will be performing “The Descent” tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman.  Mould will be backed by Jason Narducy and drummer Jon Wurster, both of whom accompanied him on The Silver Age.  On September 7th, Mould will also be kicking off the U.S leg of his Silver Age/Copper Blue tour with his first show in Williamsburg Park, Brooklyn. 

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