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Johnny Depp, Ryan Adams and More Behind the Scenes of Butch Walker’s Latest Record

Butch Walker, Girlie Action, Afraid of Ghosts
Butch Walker, Photo by Noah Abrams

In a new behind-the-scenes video about the making of his latest album, Afraid of Ghosts, Butch Walker opens up about giving up creative control to his pal and fellow musician, Ryan Adams. As the video highlights, Adams brought not only his creative genius to the studio, but also several of his high profile pals, including Bob Mould and Johnny Depp, both of whom are featured on the record.

The singer, songwriter and guitarist isn’t afraid to get up close and personal, sharing his struggles with the loss of his father and his excitement about recording at Adams’ PAX-AM studios. In a brilliant piece of folk wisdom, Walker admits, “The only thing I’ve ever worn that I didn’t regret looking back in pictures ten, 15 years ago, was jeans and t-shirts. If I can try to be an artist that makes records that are jeans and t-shirts, so that they just get better with age… it’s so much better just to not really be classified, you know? Just music.”

Walker has just announced a national tour, which kicks off at SXSW where he’s scheduled to make several appearances, including at Willie Nelson’s annual Heartbreaker Banquet.

Check out the complete footage below.


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