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My Jerusalem Releasing New Album

“Nobody ever paid money to see Harry Houdini escape being buried alive. They wanted the small chance of seeing him killed by the weight of the earth on top of him,” said My Jerusalem frontman Jeff Klein. If that intrigues you, then you should probably check out the band’s new album, Preachers, because that’s the concept behind it. It may sound a little bit morbid and more than a little bit cynical, but perhaps those are the ingredients for what Klein describes as “Post-modern Southern Gothic Soul.” With a title track that sounds like it’s been dug up straight from the swamps of New Orleans with its tormented, bluesy sound, we get exactly what he means. Preachers comes out on October 9th.

Preachers track list: 

01  Preachers
02  Shatter Together
03  Born In The Belly
04  Mono
05  This Time
06  Death Valley
07  Devoe
08  Between Space
09  Oh Little Sister
10  Chameleon
11  I Left My Conscience In You

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