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Mitch Ryder Has Close Call With Drunk Driver

Mitch Ryder car accidentThe Detroit News reports that rock legend Mitch Ryder had a close call over the weekend after his car was struck by a suspected drunk driver. Fortunately, Ryder and his wife Megan were both okay following the incident.

According to reports from the Oakland County Police Department, Ryder was driving his Buick Enclave around midnight when a pickup truck driving in the opposite direction swerved into Ryder’s immediate path. Ryder then swerved towards the shoulder of the road, but the other driver hit the driver’s side of Ryder’s car; fortunately, the airbags deployed and Ryder was able to escape without serious injuries. Ryder’s wife was treated for minor injuries sustained, and a third person in the backseat of Ryder’s car was not harmed.

The driver, whom police are identifying as a 21 year-old man from South Lyon, Michigan, claims that he swerved towards Ryder while trying to adjust the dial on his radio. However, police reports indicate that he failed multiple field sobriety tests.

The accident didn’t hold Ryder up much; he was performing at a friend’s birthday party only a day later.

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