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Queens of the Stone Age Releases Video for “My God is the Sun”

Queens-Of-The-Stone-Age-My-God-Is-The-Sun-video-608x363Here we go again. It looks like “the end is really f—ing nigh,” according to Queens of the Stone Age. For the past few days, we’ve been seeing video after video of QOTSA’s musical and visual madness. We’ve seen character after character meet his gruesome fate in this odd, violent, cruel post-apocalyptic dystopia. So far, we’ve seen “I Appear Missing,” “Kalopsia,” “Keep Your Eyes Peeled” and “If I Had a Tail,” and all those videos seemed to be leading up to this, “My God is the Sun.” There’s been plenty of doom and gloom so far, and the band definitely doesn’t disappoint with this latest video. Just as the protagonists of the last four videos seemed to have already reached their ends, they are all gathered up and sucked into the sky by some odd, floating skull in the sky kept afloat by equally ominous-looking birds. And then comes the ultimate doom and damnation of everything. But hey, it’s not like they didn’t warn you. …Like Clockwork comes out June 4. Check out the video for “My God is the Sun” below. 

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