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Elmore’s Bands To Watch at Northside Festival

Northside Festival 2013 picksThe Northside Festival begins on June 13, and artists from all over the country are taking over Brooklyn for four days of fantastic music. Elmore Magazine is going to be there covering the best bands and making new discoveries, but here are a few bands playing Northside that we already love and that you need to hear. For more information about which bands are playing where, visit the Northside Festival website at

The Great American Canyon Band

Gorgeous harmonies from this indie-folk pair conjure the wonder and mystique of a distant frontier. That they are husband and wife only adds to the beauty. If one song were to be played while the sun rises at Joshua Tree, “Tumbleweeds” is it—countrified, rocky, and celestial in all the right places.

The So So Glos

These kids from Brooklyn have come pretty far in 2013. Their latest album, Blowout, is a refreshing burst of punk energy and caffeinated sincerity in a time when everything from Brooklyn is either ironic or post-ironic. Fortunately, people are starting to catch on.

Twin Peaks

Glammy, jingly-jangly pop with touches of 60’s surf rock for added measure. The nineteen year old boys from Chicago are onto something here.  

The Jazz Butcher

Pat Fish’s seminal indie pop group is one of those wonderful new discoveries that leaves you wondering why you didn’t own every Jazz Butcher album in the first place. If you’re a fan of the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen and Aztec Camera and you haven’t heard The Jazz Butcher yet, you need to correct that ASAP.

Daddy Long Legs

Damn. This is rock ‘n’ roll salvation. Daddy Long Legs belong in 1970, jamming out in the basement of Nellcotte with the Rolling Stones. This is how you play the blues.   

Julian Lynch

This Wisconsin-based singer/songwriter is all over the map musically, ranging from freak-folk to indie rock while occasionally veering into jam-band territory. You never really know what you’re going to get from Julian Lynch, but you know it’s going to be really, really good.

White Fence

What can’t Tim Presley do? His solo project, White Fence is a whirlwind of heavy garage rock psychedelia that makes as much sense today as it would have 40 years ago, alongside Syd Barett. Last year, he released Hair with Ty Segall and man, I listened to that damn album for months on end. Now I’m hooked again.

Sonny & The Sunsets

Sonny & The Sunsets’ new album, Antenna To The Afterworld, is fast becoming a staff favorite with us here. Sonny Smith’s ruminations on life, death, and the world beyond are among the most poignant yarns spun by any songsmith in recent memory.

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