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Morrissey Announces South American Tour

1359347253-morrissey-1Nobody puts Morrissey in a corner—not even his health. Or his physician. Earlier this year, Morrissey had to cancel a number of shows—and ultimately, the rest of his North American tour—due to his suffering from a long list of medical ailments, including a bleeding ulcer, Barrett’s esophagus and double pneumonia. It’s been a tough year. So tough, in fact, that Morrissey’s doctor suggested that he even consider retirement for the sake of his health. But now, the singer seems to be feeling better, because he just announced his return to the stage. Next month, he’ll kick off his South American tour. He’ll be traveling to Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. So far, he has not announced any plans to reschedule his cancelled North American tour dates. For more information on Morrissey’s tour dates, check out his website.

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