Hop Aboard The Love Bus

Darlene LoveRecently, Darlene Love shared her December plans with Elmore, and it involves many miles and many performances.  Our Influences interview for January/February will feature this extraordinary–and very busy–singer and actress.

“I have been on bus tours with Tom Jones and Cher, but I never thought all these years later that I myself would be putting on a bus tour. We leave in the next couple of days, starting at B.B. King’s in New York on Friday, then New Jersey, then to Long Island, then to Virginia. We go up to Canada for three or four days, and come back to B.B. King on the 20th because I always have to be in New York to do the David Letterman Christmas show. I won’t see the light of day for at least till the first of the year.”

Go to Darlene’s Facebook page and click on “events” to find out exactly where she’ll be. We’ll be seeing her ourselves at B.B. King’s.

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