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Cliff Richard To Open For Morrissey

Cliff Richard MorrisseyMorrissey recently announced a massive U.S. tour for 2014, one that hopefully won’t run into the same problems that the singer had the last time he toured the States. For this go-round of the country, the Moz will be bringing a special guest with him to Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center: British rock mainstay Cliff Richard.

A massive star in the United Kingdom, Richard’s popularity has never quite translated over to the United States, which is one of the reasons why Richard was surprised when Morrissey asked him to join the show. In an interview with Billboard, Richard expressed his shock at sharing a bill with his countryman. “We’re poles apart: I’m heavily pop-rock, and he’s more of a cerebral performance,” Richard said. “I admire people like that, but we’re not always the same bag.”

Despite that, Richard is excited to be performing in America again, even though many Americans remain unaware of his music. Richard maintains a fondness for the country: “It’s where all the music I love comes from,” he said. “To scratch it one more time would be wonderful.”

Richard hinted at extending his stay in the U.S., but no dates have been announced beyond his appearance with Morrissey. The two will play at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn on June 21st.

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