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Lucero Announce Upcoming Album, Share New Track

Lucero, Live From Atlanta, Country PunkComing on the heels of 2013’s Texas & Tennessee EP, country-punk pioneers Lucero have just announced a new album, Live From Atlanta, to be released on August 12.

Despite eight previous albums since their official debut, 2001’s Lucero, and their reputation for rowdy live shows, Live From Atlanta marks the Memphis band’s first-ever live album. And with 32 career-spanning tracks adding up to over two hours of music, it was worth the wait. “You should’ve seen us turn that record in,” said guitarist Brian Venable. “They wanted an 88-minute live record. But we were like, ‘That’s just not a live Lucero show!'”

Lucero, Live From Atlanta, Country PunkWhat you will get from a live Lucero show are raucous takes on all their most well-known songs, many stretched out far beyond their studio counterparts. “When you’re listening to ‘Freebird,’ you’re not listening to the studio version,” said Venable. “You want that 17-minute crazy one. So we’re hoping with this record, you’ll finally get a version of ‘Tears Don’t Matter Much’ that you know.”

For a first look at Live From Atlanta‘s “Tears Don’t Matter Much,” see below.

Beyond that track, if you want to get psyched up for Live From Atlanta (and probably get some beer spilled on you, and love it), you can catch Lucero live throughout the summer, including 7/25 at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY and at Newport Folk just two days later (for more dates, see

Come on, you know you want to see and hear what happens when country boys and punks get together.


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