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The Beatles’ Catalogue To Be Re-released In Mono

The Beatles mono rereleasesFor audiophiles, the case of the Beatles’ catalogue is a frustrating one. Many audio purists will tell you that the Beatles’ early work was meant to be heard in mono, the primary recording format of the time. However, mono mixes of those Beatles albums are hard to come by except in expensive box sets, with individual albums being available in stereo only…until now.

On September 9th, the Beatles’ U.K. albums, the Magical Mystery Tour compilation, and a compilation of the band’s non-album singles, will be released on 180-gram vinyl for individual purchase for the first time. The collection contains all of the Fab Four’s work up until 1968 (The band’s last two albums were recorded in stereo).

All of the albums are available for pre-order now on the Beatles’ website.

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