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Brigitte DeMeyer – Savannah Road (Self-released)




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Brigitte DeMeyer Savannah RoadSome artists take their time in putting forth new discs because they consider it a representative of themselves, a “piece” of who they are.  They want to put only their best out there, just as some hold their words close for the same reason.  The length of time that Brigitte DeMeyer took between discs here was well worth the wait; all of the songs are written by her and most in collaboration with Will Kimbrough, and all are worth a good listen.  This is a woman who seems to be getting more and more comfortable with herself.

One of the best of them in a languid, and yet burning, sensual way is “Simmer Right,” that is ostensibly about simmering soup…sure.  These songs show a woman who is relaxed and open about exploring her sensual self and how the subtle, burning colors of a cloudy, hazy sunset arouse feelings in her.  The songs here are vibrant, and they display the strength and security of a woman stretching her wings and testing how far they can take her, with little thought for where and when she will land.
This whole record is about a woman who is fine with who she is: an excellent songwriter who possesses a strong, expressive voice.  As a producer, she has put an excellent offering on the table, served up with quality musicianship.  This album should not be missed.
– Bob Gottlieb

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