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Foxygen Announces New Album, …And Star Power

Foxygen_SP_07Los-Angeles-based indie duo Foxygen will be releasing their third album entitled …And Star Power, set to debut in the US on October 14th. Sam France (vocals) and Jonathan Rado (guitar/keyboard) have been making music together since 2005 when they were 15-year-old high-school freshmen. Before being signed to Jagjaguwar- the label that released their EP Take The Kids Off Broadway in 2012, and the full-length We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic in early 2013- the twosome home-recorded and self-distributed about ten albums throughout their high-school career. 

The video for their single “How Can You Really” features the now-22-year-old’s in a typical office space, dancing across cubicles and performing in a warehouse. The obscure, upbeat duo appear donned in sequins and suits, showcasing their mellow vocals and exquisite melody. The unique fervor and regressive dance moves of France and Rado don’t distract from the pure modernity of their sound.

Foxygen is currently on a North-American tour. …And Star Power is available for pre-order- you can watch the video for  How Can You Really below:

Complete track listing for …And Star Power

01. Star Power Airlines
02. How Can You Really
03. Coulda Been My Love
04. Cosmic Vibrations
05. You & I
06. Star Power I: Overture
07. Star Power II: Star Power Nite
08. Star Power III: What Are We Good For
09. Star Power IV: Ooh Ooh
10. I Don’t Have Anything/The Gate
11. Mattress Warehouse
12. 666
13. Flowers
14. Wally’s Farm
15. Cannibal Holocaust
16. Hot Summer
17. Cold Winter/Freedom
18. Can’t Contextualize My Mind
19. Brooklyn Police Station
20. The Game
21. Freedom II
22. Talk
23. Everyone Needs Love
24. Hang

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