Ty Segall / Webster Hall / New York, NY

Ty Segall, Webster Hall
Photo by Denee Petracek

“So guys, the barricade is about to break,” said Ty Segall, trying to calm the fans who were making their way towards the band. Security looked apprehensive. In a split decision, they removed the barricade and a deluge of people inched closer to the stage. The band was only three songs in.

Since Ty Segall’s last performance at Webster Hall in 2012, not much has changed: the place was just as packed, except this time, the floor underneath shook like an earthquake. A friend of mine who was downstairs at the Marlin Room catching the Senses Fail show said, “The ceiling was shaking from the Ty Segall show. We were all scared the ceiling was going to cave in on us.” That wasn’t all: crowd surfers flung overhead like Frisbees, enticing even Segall’s circle of friends, who watched the set from the stage’s wings, to jump into the waves. At one point, his manager told the crowd he wanted to surf all the way to the bar and back again. Those who know the design of Webster Hall know the type of challenge this would create. “We’re going to stop playing if he falls,” said Segall. Rising to the occasion, the crowd delivered the man all the way back to the bar and back again. Soon after came the mosh pits and that’s when people decided to climb on stage.  Welcoming the revelry, Segall told security to back off. And so the process continued: guys and girls hopping on stage, shaking their asses off while basking in the neon lights before diving headfirst into the crowd. Through the process, a wallet and shoe were retrieved by the bassist. “Uhh, do these belong to anyone?” he spoke into the mic. That’s what happens at a Ty Segall show – people lose their shit.

– Melissa Caruso

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