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Exclusive: Free Download Of Joe Marson’s New Genre-Bending Soul Track

joe Marson_KF Photo-4With his sailing vocals and explosive instrumentals, Brooklyn singer/songwriter Joe Marson is singlehandedly reinventing what it means to have soul by blending pop elements with soul grooves and catchy lyrics.

Opening with powerful beats and Marson’s polished voice, “Here With Me” builds up to thicker drum lines, a rougher croon and rhythmic harmonies. Perhaps the exciting experimentation of the song has something to do with Marson’s nomadic tendencies, having traveled all over the country playing different genres for over half a decade. If Marson’s music strives to incorporate multiple musical genres coexisting in order to create a gorgeous melange of melody, he more than succeeds.

You can grab a free download of Joe Marson’s “Here With Me” below (click the “Soundcloud” link at the upper right of the player):

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